Jakub Certowicz, Inventory

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Data sheet

Concept/proofreadingJakub Certowicz, Karolina Puchała-Rojek
TextJakub Śwircz
DesignPoważne Studio
LanguagePolish / English
TranslationKinga Stańczuk
Height (cm)21,5
Width (cm)15,5
Spine (cm)1
Year of Publication2016
Published by:Archeology of Photography Foundation

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One of the publications accompanying the exhibtion „Living Archives”. Jakub Certowicz’s work focuses around the topic of the archive itself – both as a place and an idea. Certowicz documents three different archives, including the regional collections in the Norwegian town of Lillehammer. By confronting photos of interiors with the contents of the archives, he tries to find the rule behind the madness of collecting and asks the question of how much will remain form these extensive archives.