Mariusz Hermanowicz, Someone, that I don't know

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Data sheet

Height (cm) 22,5
Width (cm) 18
Spine (cm) 1,1
Concept/proofreading Tomasz Ferenc
Text Tomasz Ferenc
Design Marta Przybyło-Ibadullajev
Translation Aleksandra Szymczyk
Language Polish / English
Pages 110
Cover paperback
Year of Publication 2017
Published by: Archeology of Photography Foundation

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Mariusz Hermanowicz’s work focuses on some crucial and recurring threads. Its central place is taken by the interest in people. Observing them in various situations and telling their stories through applying a vast spectrum of photographic conventions are the motives which are present in every period of his artistic endeavor. Starting with photojournalism and finishing with studio photography, Hermanowicz showed their struggle with daily routine, but also elusiveness and randomness of encounters, fragility and precariousness of what is physical. Protagonists of his photos were accidental strangers, but also very close people and finally he himself.
The second returning theme is the passing time, evanescence and reflection on the unique value of every single moment. Photography served him as a vehicle through which he was able to search for what’s gone, a tool with which he could inventory traces, but also a medium, he used to regain and reclaim memories. Very often the image appeared not to be sufficient and because of so some photos are enriched with handwritten notes. Sometimes he wrote just one sentence, on other occasions – used more elaborate narration. These works are full of irony. However, there is often a nostalgy beneath.

At the end there emerge the third aspect present in the artist’s work: his passion for telling stories. They were often related to the surrounding world, at times they focused on his own experience. Those visual narrations consist of a few dozen of photographs in some cases and had been built for a number of years. This way Hermanowicz created a style, which made him a distinctive and recognized artist among Polish photographers.

The publication is a part of the Living Archives Project, co-financed by The Capital City of Warsaw

Digitization of Mariusz Hermanowicz's archives is organized with financial support of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage