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Concept/proofreadingMarta Przybyło-Ibadullajev
TextMarta Przybyło-Ibadullajev, Jörg Colberg, Jan Anderman
DesignMarta Przybyło-Ibadullajev
LanguagePolish / English, Kinga Stańczuk
Height (cm)22
Width (cm)17
Spine (cm)1,5
Year of Publication2016
Published by:Archeology of Photography Foundation

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The book LUX, devoted to the subject of light, is a continuation of Emulsja, which touched upon the topic of photography’s materiality and its chemical properties. LUX is concerned with that which is immaterial, often undefined or invisible – which on one hand belongs to the sphere of physics, and on the other encapsulates a variety of meanings, and which, thanks to its complex symbolism – is an object of studies in art history, religious studies, and philosophy.

The publication co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.