Dorota Buczkowska - A Year in a Sanatorium

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Height (cm) 22
Width (cm) 16,5
Spine (cm) 1,5
Text Anna Theiss, Iwona Kurz
Design Poważne Studio
Language Polish / English
Year of Publication 2016
Published by: Archeology of Photography Foundation

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Dorota Buczkowska used photographs from the Archive of Sogn og Fjordane in Leikanger. By manipulating the graphics she created a narrative about women, madness, and the harsh landscape of the Norwegian North. She cooperated with Anna Theiss, who wrote a series of short texts providing advice on how to survive emotional turmoil by the Norwegian waters. 

"A Year in a Sanatorium" and its continuation "A Practical Guide to Surviving an Emotional Turmoil by the Waters", made with Anna Theiss, and an essay written by Iwona Kurz.

The publication is a part of “Long Life for Photographs” project, co-financed by a grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA Grants and co-financed by the Polish funds.