Jerzy Lewczyński, Informément

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Data sheet

Concept/proofreadingKarolina Lewandowska
TextJean François Chevrier
DesignMarta Przybyło-Ibadullajev
LanguagePolish / English
TranslationKrzysztof Kościuczuk, Wojciech Gilewski, Marcin Mutermilch
Height (cm)18
Width (cm)13
Spine (cm)1
Year of Publication2012
Published by:Archeology of Photography Foundation

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Informément (eng. formlessly) shows the variety of Lewczyński’s artwork. Through the mixture of iconic photographs like Crucifiction or Wawel Heads with color photographs, his way of describing reality is very contemporary. Irony, non-obviousness, coincidence and anti-photographic-ness. These aspects of Lewczyński’s photography make it fascinating and accesible for contemporary viewers, even though the author started working with photography in 1950.


The publication co-financed by Ars Cameralis Silesiae Superioris, Marshal’s Office of Silesian Voivodeship and Polish Institute in Paris.