The Chroniclers. Zofia Chomętowska, Maria Chrząszczowa. Photographs of Warsaw 1945-1946

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Concept/proofreadingKarolina Lewandowska
TextSylwia Chutnik, Karolina Lewandowska, Grzegorz Piątek
DesignIwo Rutkiewicz
Coverpaperback / hardcover
LanguagePolish / English
TranslationMarcin Wawrzyńczak, Katarzyna Bartoszyńska
Height (cm)23
Width (cm)17
Spine (cm)3
Year of Publication2011
Published by:Archeology of Photography Foundation

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Both professional photographers, Chomętowska and Chrząszczowa documented Warsaw from spring 1945, generally independent of each other though sometimes they worked together. Their photographs were then featured in the group exhibition Warsaw Accuses!, the photographic part of which Chomętowska curated (with Tadeusz Przypkowski).

The Chroniclers, both the exhibition and the upcoming publication, are the first attempt to discover these archives for the broad public, but also for the history of Polish photography, which has so far marginalised, effectively removing from view, women’s postwar documentations. What is phenomenal about these images is also their absence from the myth of postwar reconstruction. As the Foundation-produced exhibition demonstrates, this absence in the visual sphere is hard to explain: the excellent, formally varied images, reflecting distinct photographic temperaments, in no way inferior to those presented so far as well as offering novelty, are a voice of those who had been forgotten.

Exhibition and publication co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and the City of Warsaw.