Magda Franczak, "Escheat" collage

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Handmade collage from the „Escheat” series, presented on the exhibiton of the same title in the Archeology of Photography Foundation.

Magda Franczak reinterprets a collection of anonymous portraits belonging to The Emanuel Ringelblum Jewish Historical Institute .  Almost 500 glass plate negatives dated back to 1930s were digitized by the Archeology of Photography Foundation in collaboration with Jewish Historical Institute.

Thus the axis of the exhibition are the anonymous portraits, the history of which consist of fragments and pieces – not only pieces of information but also fragments of glass negatives, that were reconstructed during the conservation process.

The collage is framed in a wooden box frame.

Size of the collage: 19 cm x 28,7 cm

Size of the frame: 24,6 cm x 34,6 cm, depth: 3 cm


This order can be picked from the Archeology of Photography Foundation office only: Chłodna 20, 00-891 Warsaw